I don't think I would ever be able to list everything I have worked on here. By the time I am done, something new will have popped up. However, I do want to list some of the projects that are important to me at the time of writing this.

Wifi Business Card

I designed my own business cards. I made my own design, had them printed and then cut a hole in them. That hole is where the microcontroller goes. If you provide it with power, it will host its own wifi network, and on that there will be a website, which contains my resume, some other information, and perhaps most importantly: a way to blink the LED on the microcontroller...


Braid is a javascript front-end library. I know there are a lot of those already, but I couldn't find one that worked in a way that I wanted. And then when I experimenting with the WebComponent APIs, I found that a few hundred lines of code was enough to make something that worked the way I wanted.

The main thing about the library is that it does variable binding, but leaves you completely free in how you use that variable binding. At the moment this binding is completely one-way. I don't think I will go all the way to two-way binding, but I am thinking about a way to have one-way binding in each direction, where each needs to be applied manually.

I do want to open this library up, and make it available on npm. I just haven't gotten around to that just yet.

TrafficLights PCB

I have dipped my toes into PCB design. I have made a simple board based on an ESP-12. It is a teaching tool and two sets of three LEDS (red, orange and green ones) and several buttons. With it, you can see the results of your very first lines of code within moments of writing them, providing a very strong motivation to actually learn how to control it.


GoodManners is an ORM I wrote in PHP. Well, GoodManners is only the name of one of the components, but that's what I'll call it here for simplicity's sake. It takes a different approach from most ORMs, though.

The idea is that you define your data model in a new (but simple) language. Based on that definition, it will then generate your classes and your database schema. And you just get to make the objects with the convenience of being able to store them persistently.

Another big feature is that you can write very complex data queries as code. In fact, your query consists of objects that you construct yourself, so you can pass them around or save them as you wish.

The system is actually rather incomplete, and often enough you do need to work around these limitations. However, I do really enjoy writing code that uses the library and I feel that it does make my life easier.