Jasper Horn

About me

My name is Jasper Horn and I am a 29 year old guy.

I am a programmer by profession and by calling. I have been writing software as a hobby longer than I can remember. At my day job I currently mostly work in Java, with some front-end work thrown in every once in a while. However, I view programming languages as tools and the choice of language is one that should match the task, not the developer.

In my spare time, I tend to have quite a few projects running. Traditionally, these focussed on writing software, fiction and sometimes even non-fiction. More recently, I have also been tinkering with hardware. I enjoy playing games a lot and at the moment I am getting together with friends quite often to play board games. I also sometimes get around to playing computer games, though I tend to do that without friends because I have a preference for single player games.

Another of my hobbies is to watch tv series. I watch shows from a lot of different genres, but my "home genre" is definitely science fiction. In particular, I've practically seen just about all space opera (think Star Trek and similar things) that there is. Luckily this is a genre that has recently seen a bit a resurgence, so I won't have to worry about running out of it completely.